Happy Easter!


When Life Hands You Scraps, Make Bags

When Life hands you scraps of all sizes, shapes, and colors, my motto is: MAKE BAGS!!! Everyone I know loves the crazy, wild scrappy bags I make. They are full of color and full of fun. Think of all the possibilities of what one can put on them: food, books from the library, clothes for a road trip, boots and heavy socks for a long hike into the trees and springtime flowers….What’s my absolute all time undeniable favorite: a picnic by the lake during the summer….Doesn’t that sound wonderful right now with our subzero temps???

When Something Sad Happens…..

Last October 13th ended up being the saddest day for me: the love of my life died quite unexpectedly of heart failure.

The past four months have been very difficult for my family and I to go through. It’s been an adjustment for me to move down from our mountain cabin with its quarter mile driveway to maintain by myself at age 64.

Rather than spending a long long winter at the cabin, I decided to move down to the Denver area. One son and his wife and family have been more than gracious to provide a room for me.

Of course, there is still a lot to process, especially with the prospect of selling the cabin and setting up a home here in town. But, how does one eat an elephant?? One bite at a time.

I haven’t done much sewing lately, but I’m starting to pick up where I left off. I may not post a new post daily, but do them, here and there, showing new projects and quilts.