Day 130 – Christine’s Tree Farm

For Christine, the best part of the day is when she ventures forth among the Christmas trees and breathes in the aroma of the fresh pine needles….”O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree! How lovely are thy branches!” echoes in her heart with all the fond memories of each Christmas she can remember….

Day 129 – Darrell’s Greenhouse

Whether it’s a small backyard plastic greenhouse for those of us in the mountains who miss the taste of homegrown tomatoes and fresh lettuce and spinach, or a more permanent structure with glass windows framed with wood, Darrell will set you up with the best greenhouse for your situation. That way, no matter what weather gets tossed your way, you still can grow some yummy veggies!

Day 127 – Moira’s Organic Mushrooms

Moira believes she owns the best small business: growing organic mushrooms for restaurants and small farmer’s markets. She enjoys preparing the soil for all kinds of mushrooms: Maitake, Shitake, Emoji or straw mushrooms, Portobello, Baby Bella, Button, Crimini, Oyster and let’s be sure to include Chanterelles.